Collaborative Negotiations

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Is Your Organization Using Negotiations to their Maximum Potential?

Collaborative Negotiation Skills - a two-day workshop that helps employees build their skills and confidence.


Transforming natural resource professionals into skilled negotiators improves your management effectiveness because employees learn how to get what you need today while, at the same time, preserving positive working relationships you will need in the future.

What this workshop is about.

Come to this comprehensive, two-day workshop about building solutions AND building relationships and you will learn how to,

  • Diagnose the situation you are in,

  • Figure out where the other party is coming from,

  • Plan your participation in the negotiation, and

  • Negotiate collaboratively but effectively by applying tools and techniques to speak with clarity and confidence about what you want, avoid an impasse, and create positive solutions that do not damage relationships.

How we present this material. 

We come to you and present at your work site. We focus on training small teams who learn together, who can then negotiate together, and who become an internal source of expertise other staff in your organization can call upon for advice, mentoring, and help.

Teaching model. 

We use discussion, exercises, lecture, and a mock negotiation to combine our experience with your staff’s experience and create a dynamic, fun, and highly interactive training.

Transform your staff. 

Skilled negotiators can also be skilled at relationship building.  This program works from the proven premise that every negotiation involves multiple dimensions of interests and offers a straightforward model to plan and engage in negotiations effectively.


Depending on the audience and your specific goals for the event, we will tailor the program to increase its relevance and value.  While this program is designed as a two-day, interactive training session we can provide anything from a one-hour keynote presentation to the full two-day event.