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Get Your Audience to STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN


Transforming natural resource professionals into persuasive speakers improves your management effectiveness because, sometimes, your knowledge or expertise may not be enough to be heard above the many other voices competing for attention.  Standing out as the unique and most credible voice is the way to make your message stick.  The person whose message sounds like the most sensible way to the future will define the way forward—make sure that person is you.

Persuasive Speaking helps professionals,

  • Convince listeners to act on their message,

  • Inspire groups to accept change,

  • Reply to challenging questions with tact, diplomacy, and effectiveness,

  • Know what to say and how to say it when just giving information is not enough, and

  • Be remembered for the right reasons after the presentation is over.

Maximize personal impact in decision making, make your message stick, and connect with audiences in a way that builds a genuine sense of trust and rapport, even if the message is not the most positive news. How? By bringing Persuasive Speaking to your organization.

Making the most of your investment.

Make Persuasive Speaking training especially effective and productive by training teams from each region of your workforce.  A highly efficient solution is to bring us in for 2-3 sessions across these regions.  That way you will build a 'Master Mind' group of employees who can support one another and their colleagues to improve the persuasive speaking skills throughout your organization.


Depending on the audience and your specific goals for the program or event, we will tailor the program to increase its relevance and value.   While this program is designed as a two-day, interactive training sessions we can customize from a one-hour keynote presentation up to the full two-day event.