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What is the Cost of Conflict?

Is the Cost of Conflict Calculator for You?

The idea behind this tool is to get immediate, real-time feedback to learn what your conflict is costing and if intervening is a good investment.  The Calculator is also a good way to communicate to others the consequences of inaction.   

The Cost of Conflict Calculator provides a leader with two key insights—an assessment of the fiscal (‘hard’) cost of conflict and an assessment of the indirect (‘soft’) costs to your organization’s reputation, credibility, trust, and morale.

Why just two factors?  These two factors are key for evaluating whether or not an investment to resolve a conflict is a good decision.  A judgment about these ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ costs helps clarify if action is needed because the costs are too large to ignore.  Simply put, this tool lets you assess if the time is right to intervene. 

Is it easy?  Yes.  The Calculator is quick and easy to use.  Simply initiate a survey, enter the requested information, and then automatically receive a report summarizing your evaluation. 

What about people who are ignoring the conflict?  The Calculator is a good communication tool.  If the people around you are avoiding the conflict, running your issue through the Calculator will help.  Having these people complete the calculator as a group speaks loudly because having the conflict avoiders do the assessment is having them prove to themselves that inaction is costly.  Such an ‘I-did-it-myself’ assessment is the way to turn problem avoiders into decision makers.

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