Oriana Noël Lewis

Oriana Noël Lewis designs, facilitates, and instructs training and meetings focused on effective communication and conflict-resolution.  As a certified mediator since 2000, she guides dyads and groups into meaningful agreements to meet business needs and improve group dynamics.  Curriculum design for adult learning is her specialty along with instructing life-long, adult learners on a variety of subjects including, forgiveness, oppression liberation, and leadership.


She is an adept and compelling public speaker.  Her broad experience ranges from large conference audiences to small work-groups; from non-profits to state government clients; from business planning to restorative justice; from soldiers to intentional communities; and more.  She was a faculty member of the International Trauma Treatment Provider for seven years and currently teaches with the Northwest Environmental Training Center and the South Puget Sound Community College.  Oriana has covered hundreds of hours on crisis line calls through her crime victim services work and hundreds more providing mediation to families and businesses.  Oriana engages in authentic movement as a 5 Rhythms dancer, teaches yoga the WA State Department of Corrections Training Academy, and writes for a blog “Life Takes Practice”.  She savors nature through hiking and Pacific Northwest surfing.