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YOU + Partner Firms + The Cooperation Company = A Great Team

Working jointly toward a common goal.

The Cooperation Company values collaboration. Sometimes clients have projects that require the use of several kinds of expertise—such as collaborations between social science research, organizational development, dispute resolution, communications, marketing, citizen participation, facilitation, etc.

Some firms promise,
“we can do everything.”

In the complex world where you work, however, specialization matters. The Cooperation Company is your avenue to construct a team of consultants to match expertise to your specific need. We have partnered with the following exceptional firms, each with a specialty you will find helpful. When the stakes are high, consider using us to help put you in the center surrounded by a team with the precise range of expertise you need for success.

Responsive Management

Research and Complex Assessments

An internationally recognized public opinion and attitude survey research firm specializing in natural resource and outdoor recreation issues.

McMullin Training and Consulting

Leadership, Communication, and Management Effectiveness

A nationally recognized firm providing high quality, interactive training for natural resource professionals in leadership development, team building, planning, public involvement, and conflict resolution.


Expert Project Management and Change Initiatives

An internationally recognized firm that helps organizations improve performance, solve problems, plan and execute major initiatives, and navigate change.   They are an expert in the Logical Framework Approach to strategic project management. 

Zukerberg Consulting
Zukerberg logo

Conflict Management and Collaborative Negotiations

Certified mediator specializing in conflict resolution and negotiation skills for women.  Michele helps clients negotiate environmental management challenges by combining her Master of Forestry degree with her land management, training, and conflict resolution experience.

Dispute Resolution Center of Thurston County

Conflict Management and Training

An organization providing mediation of disputes and training on conflict management.  They provide expert mediators to design and moderate respectful, collaborative problem solving and negotiations.  And they train people in these skills.

Victor Manuel Nieto Moreno 
Victor logo

Graphic Designer

Caricaturist specializing in fun, cheerful, colorful and eye-catching drawings–in short, original, high definition, and customized caricatures!

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